Prepare children for the upcoming birth,

give them the wisdom and power for the future,

and strengthen family relationships with this book:

The family birth

Written in the language of love


Full of beautiful images this book is about pregnancy, giving birth and childbed as seen by children.

It tells about a home where everyday life and responsibilities are intertwined with the story of the Miracle of Birth.

In a subtle and gentle way it tells about the natural birth. A birth in a family that is talking and supporting each other to build strong relationships.

This book will help you talk about this unusual and at the same time ordinary event in much simpler way, without the restraint.

It’s not a fairy tale, but a true story of a family and the family home birth. It shows their love, happiness and how they care much about each other.

Giving birth is showed in the light of calmness, smoothness and strength.

Full of nature – flowers, leaves, water – this book is lovely. Every illustration was created so that it speaks to the sensitivity of┬á children reading it.And so every new page is an enjoyable surprise.

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"Beautifully illustrated, it describes in words and pictures what to expect from a home birth"

The Family Birth is a lovely book that will help children understand pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period in a positive way. Beautifully illustrated, it describes in words and pictures what to expect from a home birth and how it is a family event to be celebrated. I highly recommend The Family Birth for the children of expecting parents.
Cheryl K Smith
Managing Editor, Midwifery Today

What parents say:

My husband reading it got emotional. Beautiful book, thank you!
This book is not just about giving birth but about pregnancy, giving birth, childbed and about the beginning of changes in the family that supports each other, talk to each other and build relationships.
Anna, thank you for the calmness you show in this book. This is amazingly beautiful how you talk about the physiognomy - you should be teaching in the nurseries and schools.
This book came out exactly when we were expecting next child. We read it and now we are ready to give birth. People, this is the most beautiful birth story we have ever read our children.
Tomek & Lidka
This book is so lovely! I am deeply impressed, I can read it and look at it every day because it's gorgeous. I can see Zuzia likes it. Besides, I can see our history of giving birth to Zuzia in it. The work you put in created this book was worth it. Thanks!!!!
We have already read it few times. Tobiasz (4 years old) is talking to my bum, he's awaiting a birth of his brother. He is asking all the time how the baby will let me know that there's no room left and if the baby can hear us for sure? ­čśë Thank you!
Malgosia with family

As a conscious parent you want to help your child develop.

Through the relationships in your family. Through the knowledge you pass about yourself, about your child, about the world. You want to help your child to grow confident, to feel safe and to prepare for the life ahead.

Childbirth is a fundamental┬á and natural experience. It’s the beginning of the story of life for everyone. That’s why it is worth to use it to help your child develop a healthy self-confidence and a sense of belonging to the family.

Your child might have plenty of questions┬á including the details of giving birth and the accompanying emotions. Or… might not be asking about it at all.┬á

In both cases you don’t want your child to build the image of childbirth from random, often contradictory, stereotypical or negative information coming from TV, internet or strange people.

You want to answer all your child questions in the spirit of sincerity and in an age appropriate way.

You want to build a wise, positive and truthful image of the childbirth. Not creating any fear or trauma for your child.

But sometimes you might feel you lack proper words for that.

  • You might feel you're not prepared for that and dread where this kind of conversation will take you...
  • You might feel you're not prepared for that and dread where this kind of conversation will take you...
  • or maybe, talking about childbirth brings difficult emotions for you,
  • or maybe you just don't know how to talk honestly about physiology and pain which obviously accompany the childbirth, but you also don't want to hide this fact

You need a tool that will help you pass all those true aspects of childbirth in a way that is age appropriate. A tool that will help you co convey the message that the childbirth can be beautiful and decent, regardless of where it takes place.

This tool is “The Family Birth” book.

"Anna Las-Opolska, tells children about delivery with great sensitivity, tenderness and... simplicity."

For 30 years of my professional participation in over 600 home births, I have heard many times from women and their husbands about their diffi culties in providing children with information about childbirth and births. This is diffi cult art for many. Hopefully, there is this beautiful book ÔÇ×The Family BirthÔÇŁ, illustrated with drawings, on the Polish and worldwide publishing market. Its author, Anna Las-Opolska, tells children about delivery with great sensitivity, tenderness and... simplicity. The book can be a help for all adults who cannot talk to children about this unusual one, and at the same time, an ordinary event in the life of the family.
Irena chołuj
Midwife with 55 years of experience

Reading it together will fulfil children's curiosity, and help parents to explain issues that children are naturally interested in.

It's my invitation for you to talk to children about childbirth

In this book you will find a simple story about a natural birth that will guide your conversations with children  toward things that matter the most. A story that helps building confidence and self-worth in children. A story that bonds families. A story that will encourage child to talk about what the child thinks and feels and to ask questions that are nurturing him or her.

You won’t find here the only “right” scenario for childbirth, as there is no such thing.

My intention was to show children the childbirth as an event in which the most important things are:

  • >>> supporting presence of the family members
  • >>> respect for the natural process of the birth and for the woman body
  • >>> regardless of the place of the delivery

I believe that children who grow up feeling an important part of their family also want to contribute to the preparations for the birth of their younger siblings. It is a great backup for them when the adults openly share information about their family and do not treat important aspects of life as taboo. The children are aware of the importance of events, even if they do not understand what exactly is happening. They need our support to be able to participate, together with the adults, in what is going on in their family and their environment. Leaving
them on their own in preparing for childbirth and during the process is not a good lesson. The questions that are left unanswered may lead to helplessness, anxiety and misunderstanding.

"brakowa┼éo ksi─ů┼╝ki, kt├│ra wspar┼éaby rodzic├│w w wyt┼éumaczeniu dzieciom tego najpi─Ökniejszego momentu w ┼╝yciu ka┼╝dego cz┼éowieka"

Ksi─ů┼╝ka dla dzieci "RodziMY" to pe┼éna mi┼éo┼Ťci i ciep┼éa historia o porodzie rodzinnym. Opowie┼Ť─ç ta jest przedstawiona oczami kilkuletniego ch┼éopca, kt├│ry uczestniczy w porodzie swojej m┼éodszej siostrzyczki. Por├│d jest przedstawiony jako bardzo wa┼╝ne wydarzenie w ┼╝yciu ca┼éej rodziny, bez wykluczenia najm┼éodszych cz┼éonk├│w, z uszanowaniem ich dzieci─Öcej niewinno┼Ťci i wra┼╝liwo┼Ťci. Warto podkre┼Ťli─ç, ┼╝e autorka pi─Öknie odda┼éa rytm porodu. Pokaza┼éa, ┼╝e jest to proces, w kt├│rym jest czas i na odpoczynek i na dzia┼éanie. Zalet─ů ksi─ů┼╝ki "RodziMY" jest przedstawienie porodu bez strachu i l─Öku. Dzi─Öki temu u m┼éodego czytelnika kszta┼étowany jest pozytywny obraz porodu, co mo┼╝e si─Ö w przysz┼éo┼Ťci prze┼éo┼╝y─ç na decyzje odno┼Ťnie rodzicielstwa. Ksi─ů┼╝ka "RodziMY" wype┼énia luk─Ö na rynku wydawniczym. Do tej pory brakowa┼éo ksi─ů┼╝ki, kt├│ra wspar┼éaby rodzic├│w w wyt┼éumaczeniu dzieciom tego najpi─Ökniejszego momentu w ┼╝yciu ka┼╝dego cz┼éowieka. Bardzo polecam.
Agnieszka Iwan
Położna, nauczyciel akademicki

About the author

Hi, my name is Anna Las – Opolska,

I am a family psychologist and birth psychotherapist. Privately I am a wife and a mum of 4.

I have been supporting clients in building good relationships since 2002. In particular, I support mothers in finding themselves in the motherhood and in finding a healthy balance between home, raising children, and work.

I help parents to deal with issues like motherhood crisis, marriage crisis, postnatal depression and with prenatal preparation.

In this book I would like to share my experience, which, I believe, might help you and your children create a positive image of childbirth. Reading positive childbirth stories is the best way to prepare yourselves for it.

The birth starts in your head ÔÇô with the attitude that you have towards this event. It is only then that┬áall the medical and organisational aspects come into play.

I trust that after reading this book your view on childbirth and your childrenÔÇÖs participation in it┬á(even if not direct) will gain a new meaning.



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I wrote this book, from the heart, to do something good for children. I believe that to change the world for better, we need to start in our homes. 

Tu build good relationships within the family and to prevent the crisis we need to rely on education and development.

It is not much to invest in this book, but it will help in the loving dialogue with your child or children and therefore change your family for the better and give your children strong fundament for life.

Enjoy the book

Anna Las-Opolska

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